For the 3rd year we will be at the Naked Mile!!!  Valley View plays host to this awesome event every year.  So here is what happens and here is why you should join us!
Starting at 10am there is a mile “run.”  Ok, no one runs, everyone walks.  You can call it slow running.  Along the way there are many stations where you get to play a game and win a treat (usually a snack).
At the Chicago Fun Club table we usually come prepared with several gallons of drink that your really shouldn’t be drinking at 10am but you do anyway!   
After the slow run enjoy everything Valley View has to offer PLUS they will have over 35 nudist friendly vendors!  Swim, sun tan, play volleyball, eat, drink and be merry!
This is NOT a Chicago Fun Club event, just a really cool event that we participate in.  For questions, please email Ralph at  To order tickets please go their event bride site.
Valley View is a nudist campground in Cambridge, Wisconsin.  Located about 20 minutes north of Jaynesville.  They have a large swimming pool, a shaded area to eat lunch, sand volleyball court, places for camping and RV hook ups and much much more!  Please go their website for more information.
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