Sunday, June 4th, 4pm to 8pm

We are super excited to announce that we have a brand new place to rent out for naked events!!

Located in a great area (think Elmhurst / Addison / Oak Brook) We are renting out their 2nd floor party room with our own private bar!

They will have local musicians playing from 5pm to 8pm so we will get some great local flavor!  We will be able to hear them…but not see them!

The beer is great!  And since we have to order food from the brewery, we are ordering food for everyone!   Think chicken, pasta, salad.

IMPORTANT:  The brewery needs a HARD count 5 days before the event, so you CANNOT wait until the last minute to pay/rsvp.

IMPORTANT:  We are limited to 40 people in this space, so don’t wait - we can only reserve your space if you pre-pay.

Cost is $40 per person ($35 per person for paid members) and includes food, our own private space, our own private bartender and a cash bar.  Bathrooms are available (but you have to get dressed).  This space is on a second floor so there are stairs.

You must pre-pay at least 5 days before the event to be considered an RSVP.  You can use chase quick pay / zelle to or go to our store at
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