Friday July 19th, 830pm to Midnight

After conducting the first ever naked ghost investigation in a haunted church, we are going to do something even bigger, better and yes scarier!!!

Imagine being outdoors at night getting a private tour of a very haunted place with ghost hunting equipment surrounded by hundreds of people who are no longer living and breathing (at least we hope so!)  And of course we are all naked!

For the privacy of this event, we are not going to give out much information, but we are hoping that you can read between the lines.  It is in the greater Chicagoland area and should be 45-60 minute drive OR LESS for most people, 90 minutes if you are from Milwaukee.  If you want more specific info please email us.  We don’t want any more information in any public forum.

For this event we want people to arrive at dusk (about 830pm) and we are expected to begin the tour NO LATER than 9pm.  The event will last until the witching hour  -  midnight!

This event will involve a fair bit of walking at night. There are some hills to walk up/down as well.  Once we have reached the area where we can be nude we will let everyone know.  The areas where we will be nude are completely private.

For this event, the spirits and ghosts do NOT like snacks and we cannot have open alcohol outdoors.  Please be sure to eat before you come.  Bring a water bottle/soda too if you want.  There will not no drinks/food provided or available.

The cost for this event is $40 per person, $35 per paid member.  We are going to limit this event to 30 people to make sure that everyone can have a “ghostly” experience.  DO NOT WAIT to reserve your space.  This is something that no nudist club anywhere in the world has ever done!

We strongly recommend pre-pay to ensure you have a spot.

To pre-pay you can go to our website and click on our “Store” to pay, send via chase quick pay / zelle to phone 708 262 0219, Cash App send to $Swiwaniec.
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