The Milwaukee Ride is asking participants to arrive as early as Noon!  They will have nudist friendly vendors, body painting, the Chicago Fun Club and more!  Their ride begins at 4pm.
They are meeting at Enlightened Brewery, 2020 S Allis Street, Milwaukee, Wisconsin. The ride also ends at the brewery where there will be an after party including the band Toke Magic.
Katie and I will be there from about Noon until the ride begins before we have to leave to get to the Chicago Naked Bike Ride!
We are good friends with the organizers of the Milwaukee ride and are super excited about all they have done for nudism in South Eastern Wisconsin.  We will have a table there and Katie and I will be present.
The Naked Bike Ride’s are “bare as you dare” and since you many riders will be nude while in public there is a reasonable chance that people may take photos/videos of the naked riders without permission.  Please be aware of this before participating.
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