The Chicago Naked Bike Ride has been reaching out to other like minded organizations the last couple of years and we are excited to be a part of their ride as well!  We will have a table there as well!
We will have a table set up at the starting point  at 6pm when people are asked to start arriving and we will be there until the ride begins at about 8pm.
The starting point will be announced just a few days before the event.
The Naked Bike Ride’s are “bare as you dare” and since you many riders will be nude while in public there is a reasonable chance that people may take photos/videos of the naked riders without permission.  Please be aware of this before
If anyone would like to volunteer to help us, please email us at
Finally, if anyone would like to help financially support the Chicago Fun Club’s outreach efforts at these rides, it would be appreciated! (please look to your right!)
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