With no more than the idea of forming a group, the Chicago Fun Club was born.  We didn't know any other nudists, we had no place willing to let us meet and we honestly had no idea what we were doing.  We determined very early on that we wanted to be a club that actually met, not a nudist club that hoped to meet at some time in the future.  So we booked a hotel suite in Oak Brook, Illinois and crossed our fingers that anyone was going to attend.

    So in late December of 2009, in the middle of a very healthy winter snowstorm, we had our first meeting.  There were a total of 9 people in attendance, including 2 couples (and yes we were one of the couples!)  But then things started to really take off. 

    We found an awesome private location with a hot tub to hold our monthly events and our second event doubled our attendance as more couples and singles started to find out about us.   Over the last  6 years we have had over 50 events, met thousands of nudists from across the midwest and hosted events in about a dozen different locations.

    In 2015 and beyond, look for more events, more new and cool venues, lots of easy to use (we hope) information about social nudist activities across the midwest and most of all FUN.

Steve and Katie

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The Chicago Fun Club is a group of adults from all across the Midwest who gather together to enjoy the fun of being nude.  Couples, singles, gays, straights, men and women enjoying nudism in a non-sexual, social setting.  All ages, all body types, no judgements, just fun.  Come explore our website, learn more about nudism, nudist clubs and organizations and how you can help support social nudism and body acceptance.


    During the summer of 2009, Katie and Steve (that's us) started exploring social nudism across the midwest.  We visited some of the local clubs and had a great time. 

    When we started looking for nudist clubs closer to home (Chicago) we found there simply weren't any.  It's hard to believe, but the third largest metropolitan area in the country did not have a social nudist club.